My Top 5 Social Media Latest and Greatest

Social media is at the heart of Meteor and we have had some great fun with it over the years. So I decided to create a quick top 5 list that tries to delve further into how and why so many Meteor customers are avid social media users.

Top 5 Social Media Networks in Ireland

Firstly, the wonderful people at IPSOS MRBI issue this quarterly survey about how many people use social media in Ireland.

1. Facebook 60%
2. Twitter 26%
3. LinkedIn 24%
4. Google+ 23%
5. Instagram 18%

So, Facebook still rules supreme with over 60% of Irish people having a Facebook account. So whether you are one of the majority with a Facebook account or the “minority” with a Twitter account, make sure you give Meteor a like or a follow!

Top 5 Irish Tweeters with most followers

1. Niall Horan with over 23 million followers!
2. Great Minds Quotes with 2.9 million followers - AKA Sinead Duffy, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Life Coach
3. Rory McIlroy with 2.6 million followers
4. The Script with 2.1 million followers
5. Dara O'Briain with 2.1 million followers

The boy from Mullingar completely dominates this list. We Irish love our music, sporting heroes and need to be inspired every now and again by some inspirational quotes.

Top 5 Irish Brands on Facebook by likes

1. Penneys - 446k Irish fans
2. - 413k Irish fans
3. Lidl Ireland - 348k Irish fans
4. Aldi Ireland - 255k Irish fans
5. Lyons Tea - 245k Irish fans

So, we like to shop...and then have a cup of tea!

Top 5 Brand Fails on Social Media

1. Starbucks Ireland asking followers "What makes you proud to be British"
2. British Gas asks customers to tweet #AskBG what they think of the company the same day they announced an energy price hike of 9%
3. HMV staff member live tweeting from @HMVtweets during "firing meeting"
4. Tesco "hits the hay" after the horsemeat scandal
5. US Airways responds to a customer service complaint with a pornographic image

Business have to be careful when using social media. Of course our amazing social media team would never do anything like this!

Top 5 Recent Active Topics on Meteor Community


Since the re-launch of our Meteor community these have been the most popular topics to date. Things don’t always go to plan, but if you have a question, need help with something, or have advice for other Meteor customers, why not join the conversation?

So there you have it, my social media top 5 in all its glory. Hope you like it!



You can see here how much appreciation JimboIreland has received from other members.

Community Champion 1 year ago
Always interesting.. Statistics.

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Digital Operations at Meteor 1 year ago
Thanks Jimmy! I'm a bit of a stats nerd alright!

JimboIreland wrote:

Always interesting.. Statistics.

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